Mens Garden Club of Youngstown Ohio

Welcome to Mens Garden Club of Youngstown Ohio

Winter Seminar 2019---thanks for participating


Men’s Garden Club of Youngstown 14th Annual Winter Seminar


Fellows Riverside Gardens

Mill Creek MetroParks

123 McKinley Avenue

Youngstown, OH 44509   

Saturday February 16, 2019

9:15 am – 4 pm

Registration 8;00 am -9:00am

Our theme for this year: Gardening Potpourri-

A Mix of Gardening Topics from Trees to Turf and in Between

The following speakers will explore the rich heritage of growing, caring for, and appreciating plants:


1.  Scott Zanon is the owner of Desirable Trees and Turf LLC., and is the author of “Landscaping with Trees in the Midwest.”      He holds a degree in Agronomy and Horticulture. “My goal is to educate people about the many trees….that will perform       well in the mid-west.” Scott has also developed some hot sauces from his home grown peppers—especially saranos. Has also developed Zanon Zinfadel wine. 


2.   Irvin Etienne is the horticultural display coordinator for the Indianapolis Museum of Art. He writes for Fine Gardening and        Indiana Gardening magazines.  The title of Irvin’s talk is “Carmen Miranda in the Midwest” which will focus on eye-popping, attention-getting, color and texture from annuals and tropicals.

  3.  Louis Raymond  also known as the “Plant Geek” is a garden designer in Rhode Island. The Boston Globe writes: “Louis       experiments in his own garden like a mad scientist, searching out plants that most people have never seen before and figuring out how to make them perform”. Louis will present:

           a. “Uncommon and Astonishing: Fun Horticulture from My Garden to Yours” He will introduce the plants he’s most excited about now.

               b. “From Sow’s Ears to Silk Purses: Gardens Before and After”. He will reveal the pedestrian and even horrifying sites he has transformed into some of his most exciting gardens.

             c. “Potted: Gardening on the Edge”. Growing in containers. For iconoclast Raymond, countless containers still aren’t enough.   

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