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Greetings Fellow Gardeners, 

As I write this we are in the midst of the Corona Virus Pandemic and our lives are being profoundly affected by the imperative to contain it. 

The Davis Center will be closed for the indefinite future, so we have had to cancel our pancake breakfast and our April membership meeting. It is entirely possible that the May and even June meeting will also be cancelled. 

Libraries are closed so we don’t know when we can hold our next board meeting. 

We have also had to cancel our annual plant sale. This was a difficult but necessary decision that had to be made immediately, based on our having to invest up front, a substantial amount of money in the plant materials that we cultivate and grow for our sale in May. Given that we will not have access to the MCCTC’s greenhouse for the indefinite future, we cannot run the risk of losing this investment. I want to thank John Schinker for the investment of time and money he has made in planting and propagating many plants that were moved to the greenhouse last week.  Sadly, we will likely not be able to salvage them. 

Our plant auction in June may also be in jeopardy. At this point I would assume that it too will have to be cancelled.

We will stay in contact with you regarding matters related to the MGCY.

I want to encourage members to stay in touch with one another during these challenging times. If you need help, ask for it. If you can give help, offer it. As has been said often these days: “We are all in this together”. 

Remember, that while we may have to practice social distancing, we can get as close as we want, to our plants. They may provide us some comfort in these trying times. 

Take Care, 

Tom Arens   



About Us

Originally organized in June of 1930 as “The Steel City Men’s Garden Club” and, renamed in the 1940’s as “The Men’s Garden Club of Youngstown Ohio” the organization is one of the oldest garden clubs in the country. 

  The purpose of The Men’s Garden Club of Youngstown is to create a better understanding of gardening and to encourage and promote the beautification of our community.In order to meet this endeavor, several civic projects are completed each year. 

 Meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the D. D. Davis Center at Fellows Riverside Garden.Members receive a monthly newsletter, “The Germinator,” which has timely gardening hints, club news and other local and regional horticultural events.Members also become members of The National Men’s Garden Club of America. 

Our interests are as varied as yours.Whether your interest run from azaleas to zinnias, or asparagus to zucchinis you will definitely find some “common ground.” 

Each year The Men’s Garden Club of Youngstown sponsors a horticultural show at the Davis Education and Visitors Center of Riverside Garden in Mill Creek Metro Park, which is open to the public.Anyone is welcome to participate including youth and adults.Sections included in the show are: 


     ·Vegetables, Ornamentals, Fruits, Annuals, Perennials, Biennials 

      ·Dahlias, Roses, Bulbs, Tubers, etc. Potted Plants, Bonsai 

       ·Cacti, Succulents, Woody Plants or Trees, Hanging Containers 

Men's Garden Club of Youngstown Ohio

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